And you thought electronically delivered history was all about the content…

Posted on February 13, 2012 by


Readying my next round of books for the move...

… and you thought all I focus on is history… humpf!

I keep telling people, electronically delivered history isn’t simply a matter of a new platform (the Web) for a place to put stuff (aka the same old print media layout and design)… and this round of books in the pic above, being packed-up for the move, tells part of that other half of my interests in blogging… as well as other electronic means of delivering history. In the age of electronic delivery, you have to get out of the reading-for-print mindset. Yes, there are still traditional elements involved, but, the Web changes a great deal, and I don’t just mean the mechanical function of delivery of content. Rhetorical approaches tied in with hypertext… well, it’s deep, and I haven’t been able to play much in that area over the past year and a half, but after the move… we’ll see what happens.

A couple favs in here are Marie-Laure Ryan’s Narrative as Reality, George P. Landow’s Hypertext 3.0, Sharp, Rogers, and Preece’s Interaction Design, Bolter and Grusin’s Remediation, Redish’s Letting Go of the Words… and, actually, in my car as casual reading (whenever I can find the time lately) is another Jay David Bolter book… Writing Space.

Even almost three years since graduating from my second masters, no… it’s not history I consider for a PhD, but Writing and Rhetoric (method), while history serves purely as the material that is delivered through the method.