Warren County, Virginia

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  1. Hello Bob Moore!! I am married to a “Bob Moore”! I am Jan Moore, and am originally from Warren County, VA. I have been researching my ancestors, and have joined The Daughters of The Confederacy under Philip Lovell Rudacillar. Just today, a third cousin of mine sent to me the pic “CO E of Whites Comanches in Luray – August 1894”. I was so very excited as my relatives, the Baggarlys, and the Rudacillars come from Limeton VA. The pic you posted had two “Rudacillars” both with no first name. The one I am looking for info on is Jacob Rudacillar and I know he was part of White’s Comanches, but am having difficulty finding information on him. There is a third brother, Isaac Rudacillar whose pic is in the book, “Warren Blues”, as well as a pic of Philip L. Rudacillar. Philip (Uncle Phil) was in the Calvary. Their older sister, Rebecca Ann was Native American, as well, we are looking for more info on her. I am wondering if the last man on the front row is “Jacob Rudacillar”?? I am trying to confirm him so I can gain another Bar for my Ribbon, and to Exhalt him as a brave Confederate Soldier! Could you please send to me, cinjaa@yahoo.com, the scanned copy of the above mentioned picture? In the copy that I have, the last man on the front row is cut off, and I cannot see all of him. I would be so appreciative. If you have additional information about Jacob or Isaac, I would love to have it, and…if you can point me in the right direction for further info on these soldiers, again I would be indebted. Whew…enough for one email.

    • I’m afraid my copy of the photo is still tucked away in a box, after my move earlier this year. I don’t know if I have a scan of it or not.


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