An against the grain Southerner… I suppose.

Posted on December 29, 2010 by


Brooks Simpson’s recent post got me thinking…

For some Southerners, maybe it’s just a little too easy to dismiss a Northerner when he/she writes about the history of the Civil War era South.

For these same Southerners… when confronted with another Southerner who writes not so much in harmony with the Lost Cause ideology… what then?

Is it really so easy to dismiss his/her statements/treatment of history by saying simply that said “against the grain Southerner” has been brainwashed by the academy, teeming with Northerners (yes, they’ve even infiltrated the halls of academia in the South, don’t-cha-know), feeding otherwise good, decent “Southron” kids with silly long-legged Yankee lies?

Maybe it’s just as easy to call that same “Southron” turned bad as a “scalawag” and be done with it. No use in discussing it… just call him/her a name and be done with it.

I haven’t had to deal with it here much lately (thankfully)… the name-calling, accusing me of being party to the “Yankee blogosphere”, etc., etc., etc…. but, again, Brooks’ post has me thinking.

When I put some information on paper (or in an electronic document), it’s not necessarily pre-processed through the spin cycle, if you know what I mean…

True, what I say in this blog may be “against the grain” of Lost Cause ideology, but it’s usually original, and drawn directly from primary sources. Even when I do add my opinions (my “take”, if you will) to what I’ve found… just because it goes against the grain (Lost Cause), does that really make it “wrong” or “revisionist” (and when I say this, I’m not talking about something akin to “renaissance thought”, but flat-out, “Yankee-spun” bad/wrong).

What strikes me most in this is that history “presented for your consideration” isn’t good enough anymore. Some people need explanations… like… oh… where the writer is from (again, refer to Brooks excellent post), and why he/she is writing something that just might be going against everything we’ve been brought up to know as “good Lost Cause Southerners?”

Maybe you have to spell it out these days… your agenda, I mean. But then, if you say you don’t have an agenda, you’re probably lying, and have an even greater agenda.  History isn’t simple anymore…

O.k., so… that’s my mild rant for today…