“It’s not for eatin’, it’s just for lookin’ through”

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Borrowing a phrase from The Outlaw Josey Wales, I’m thinking of a metaphor… in terms of blogging… specifically, I’m thinking of comment boxes in blogs. What are comment boxes for? Are they just for looking at or are they there for a reason?

To me, interaction with readers is a significant part of blogging. Perhaps I should amend that definition and say that authors of blogs hope that what they write in posts will stimulate thoughtful commentary from readers, and perhaps lead to a meaningful exchange. Does this sum it up for most?

It just seems that if a blogger doesn’t want comments (as illustrated through the absence of responses to comments to blog posts), then wouldn’t a webpage be more appropriate? Then, noting the option in WordPress, blog posts without comment boxes are possible.  

Just an observation after taking a look at a number of blogs recently.

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