Why I love adding Southern Unionist content to the Web

Posted on February 1, 2012 by


… well, part of the reason…

I read the occasional comments, here and there, on the Web (especially in so-called “Southern Heritage” forums), from people today who… and I paraphrase… “don’t understand how they (Southerners, today) could turn against their own heritage… denying the story of their Southern ancestors who ‘fought nobly for the South'”. Of course, they mean… having fought “nobly for the Confederacy”.

Well, for some… some people could care less about their heritage. That’s just a fact of life. Others, yes… it’s true… think that those who donned gray, fought for a bad cause. Yet, there are others, still, who have had a revelation of the truth… and it usually doesn’t fit the Southern = Confederate story line that so many would like us to believe… having come to realize that… great-great grandpappy didn’t fight for the Confederacy after all… or, even if he did, there are indications there that… maybe… just maybe… at heart (evidence pointing to the contrary, for example), he didn’t really support the Confederacy. Even more interesting are the numbers of Southerners who are coming to realize that some of their people even wore blue. While I haven’t kept “the wires hot” over at my Southern Unionists Chronicles Blog, lately, I do get comments, from time to time, that show me such revelations… and they’re great to hear. No, not because they “bash the Confederacy”, but because people are starting to learn that the story isn’t as they may have heard… or the story that they have come to believe as Southerners. In more rare cases, some people don’t take it too well, and have, in a few cases, fired out, in their comments, at some of my posts.

As I’ve said before, the Lost Cause legacy has contributed more to revisionism than some would like to admit… though some like the revisionists story turned in a different direction. It’s not just my opinion, but it’s demonstrated fact.

Incidentally, and getting back to the title of this post… content over at Southern Unionists Chronicles ranks in the top five whenever anyone searches for “Southern Unionists” in a Google search… and Southern Unionists content in this blog also shows up regularly among the top most returns. But, to be clear, however… it’s not that I love adding Southern Unionist content to the Web just to get in the top numbers of the search engine list for that subject, but it’s because I get to hear feedback from others who have discovered Southern Unionist ties in their own families… and they enjoy the fact that the history of the South is really much more rich than so commonly told. Good stuff…