Where do I want to go today?

Posted on July 24, 2011 by


It’s not actually… at least not always… the physical journey, but the journey through a blog post.

When I sit at the computer on many a Saturday and/or Sunday, I sometimes jump right into a post, and other times, think about where “I want to go” via the words. It’s much like looking at the bookshelf, and figuring out (when I don’t really have some targeted subject in mind) what I want to read about, at a particular time. Sometimes the direction in which I go is prompted by whatever happens to strike me; and it’s random, and generally unpredictable (for me, personally, I call it the “Conococheague approach”… and, the Conococheague happens to be an important course of water that runs through the northern-most reaches of the area that I enjoy writing about… and meaning, according to translation in Lenape/Delaware, “water of many turns”).  It’s not that I set out to take this approach, rather, it simply happens. Sometimes mood is prompted by weather, and, for whatever reason, I’m especially inspired on cooler, Fall-like days. Call it crazy… but that’s the way I am. I suppose, in part, it’s something in the creative side of me, trying to weave raw, and otherwise static history together with… something else.

Give me a little bit… blog post coming up…