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“This guy’s been very controversial from time to time”

May 31, 2011


From the Charleston  (West Virginia) Gazette: CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In its first meeting since half of its citizen members resigned in protest, the West Virginia Sesquicentennial Commission Tuesday awarded four community program grants totaling $11,160 — but tabled one funding request because of the event’s controversial keynote speaker. The Guyandotte Civil War Days festival committee […]

The Long Shadow of Lee Reaches… the Navy?

April 24, 2011


At yesterday’s Civil War at Sea Symposium, our host called the audience’s attention to this recruiting poster: So Robert, you’re the naval expert here…. what’s up with this? It is a World War II era recruiting poster.  Our host pointed out the poster lacks any official US government attributes or stamps, normally seen on Navy […]

Cenantua Name Change

April 1, 2011


Just more of an administrative announcement here.  Concurrent with a buyout of Cenantua’s Blog, we will begin changing the scope and of course the name of this blog. Craig Swain, who has been itching to post more on his vast collection of Mark Twain, Delta Blues, and River Boat notes, has purchased the “” namespace […]

It was All About Taxes…

March 21, 2011


There is a TV spot discussing the causes of the Civil War recently introduced in some localities.   The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans created the ad and it is one of twelve running.  Thus far the only place I’ve seen a web copy of the ad is on Facebook (here).  While those […]

“The victor gets to write the history …”

March 2, 2011


So explain this: Why is it “Stonewall Jackson taught us what the pause that refreshes really was”?   Why not have a painting of Uncle Billy giving the boys a pause somewhere near Atlanta (the home of Coca-Cola, BTW) in between barn burnings? After all the victor gets to write the history….

Southern Pluralism

February 21, 2011


So can we just throw a blanket over the whole "southern experience" and call it a collective culture distinct from the rest of America?


September 17, 2010


* Time for a guest post by Craig Swain. I’ve been looking forward to this one since Craig tossed the idea at me. He offers some good points about problems with historical memory, and especially Lost Cause as remembered today by folks who don’t have “memory” of then. As I’ve mentioned a few times… too […]

Invoking the Name of Uncle Billy

April 16, 2010


I should have predicted this last week. As the debate over Governor McDonnell’s statement continues, someone would cite General Sherman’s March to the Sea or through the Carolinas out of context. And we have at least one from Mike Church: Yes, only “Confederates-took up arms against their fellow Americans.” Gee, what does that make the men of […]

Applying UFOlogy Techniques to the Search for Black Confederates

May 15, 2009


Ok, once again I’m caught watching non-history programming on the History (Channel).  My official excuse is there was nothing else on except re-runs of old 80’s shows in TV Land, and some news program where people yell a lot.  So I had UFO Hunters rolling in the background while I worked on Historical Marker entries. […]

Billie Demint – Part 2

March 31, 2009


Where did I leave off?  Oh, the lingering questions I had regarding the story of Billie Demint. First off, why would men from either side kill a young boy like this? Maybe I am being naive here, but soldiers, even the irregular kind, don’t do anything without seeing something to gain. A “killing” would have […]

Billie Demint and Civil War Memories, Part 1

March 30, 2009


During my recent visit to my childhood home, I looked upon a bit of local lore that years ago I’d latched onto – the story of Billie Demint. First let me explain the “story” as it reached my “memories” sometime in my growing years. As told by the local story tellers at various social settings, […]

Markers, Monuments and Revisions

January 11, 2009


Craig “To the Sound of the Guns” Swain and I have been tossing some ideas back and forth regarding monuments and markers. Ultimately, Craig wrote a post, but opted not to include it on his blog as it doesn’t follow with the theme there. I offered to post it here, he accepted, and I’m glad […]