John Christian Nauman (1753-1835)

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  1. Hi Robert,

    I’ve been reading much of your blog as well as parts of Avenue of the Armies. I’ve recently finished some research for my wife and her sisters on their heritage. John Christian Nauman and Christina Stoneberger were their 4th great grandparents. Their ancestry runs from John Christian through David, Reuben, John William, Luther Harold (their grandfather) and finally their mother. I’ve noted with interest that Avenue of the Armies refers to a suggested tour that includes the “Reuben Nauman House/Store”. I’m assuming this was the property of their great great grandfather but am uncertain. We’ll be visiting the Shenandoah Valley for a couple of days in July 2013 so the ladies can get a little closer to this part of their heritage. Can you provide me with a little more info on things we might be interested in seeing?

    Denny Ver Mulm


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