Back to blogging?

Posted on August 23, 2018 by


It might be that returning to blogging, after so long, may be just as difficult as getting that first blog post up and running… or at least it feels like it. Between time constraits, work, commuting, projects at home, and a plethora of other things going on, returning to blogging hasn’t been high on the list of priorities. Perhaps more importantly, I’ve wondered… in all that time in between… just what direction I wanted to take the blog… if I started it up, again. I have some thoughts, but instead of elaborating, figured I’d just get ink on the pages (so to speak), again. Rest assured, the Shenandoah and lower Cumberland Valley remain central to my interests, and… no different from the past… I’ll likely stray off that course from time to time. I just don’t want to hem myself in… and that’s always been the beauty of working under a relatively flexible blog title.

For those who remain followers… thanks. I hope to bring forth some topics of interest, and stimulate good… civil… conversations.

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