Confederate-inspired U.S. Military Service?

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My friend, Richard Williams, posted something of interest this morning, and it’s got me wondering.

I know how people like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson touched something within me, and inspired a sense of dutyhonor… and, frankly, I knew from an early age that I was going to serve my country. It wasn’t debatable (I can’t help but hearing, right now, some of my old shipmates calling me a “dig’it”. Lol.). Granted, it wasn’t my only inspiration, but…

So, when we see the current trend of removing the Confederate flag, discussion of moving/removing monuments, vandalizing monuments, etc. – all because it “inspires hatred”, and therefore, must be removed, to eliminate, at least that much “inspiration” (because, certainly, there’s more out there that serves as “inspiration”), I wonder just how many out there find another kind of “inspiration” in Confederate iconography… the positive kind… especially U.S. military veterans. I’m really curious as to how many have been inspired, in some way, by the legacy of Confederate leaders such as these? I’ve mentioned it before… some key people in WW1, like Lejeune; and in WW2, like Patton, Puller, Buckner, Whelchel, Christian… and many others, are just a few examples.

So, I’d like to know. Granted, there are limitations with this poll. Frankly, just answering the pole has limited meaning.

So, if you answer, could you, at least, put your last name (or not… your call… but absolutely no need for first name… I respect privacy), state from which you hail, branch, and a key unit in which you served… even the war in which you served? Provide your rank if you want. You can even name who you were inspired by (Jackson, Lee, etc.; yes, I know, you can tell I’m an eastern theater kinda guy). Be honest… remember that word I used above… “Honor“. Don’t toy with that. It has meaning. *Also, if you don’t mind, indicate which answer you selected… either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5… and the state from which you hail).

Please do not also go off on rants in the comments. Keep it simple. I do have the power to edit, and will, if I need to do so.

So… please pass this along to friends, family, etc. No, I’m not trying to score numbers for the blog. I’d just like to know. Is it a myth, or is it real?

I started by adding the first entry.

I’ll let the poll run for one week.

I’ll get back to my ongoing transcription effort in my next post.

Thanks for participating (and pardon my proofing hiccup in one of the questions below).


*My friend and fellow blogger, Craig Swain expands on the conversation in his post, “Legacy of the Confederacy on military service: Do ‘Confederates in blue’ have influence?”.