146 years ago, this month

Posted on August 15, 2013 by


Yes, that would make it… 1867. Not quite a Sesqui event, at least not yet.

Sometimes it just feels right to get back to some more simple curiosities of history, as they impacted the Shenandoah Valley…

So, scrolling through the newspapers in the area (lower Shenandoah) for the latter part of August, 1867, I ran across the following advertisements for the coming of the circus (Sept. 2 & 3).




Two things strike me about the casual, light-hearted aspects of such an event…

1) It was only a little over 16 months after Appomattox, and three years since the “Burning”.

2) Imagine how such an entertainment event would capture the awe of the “children of the war”.

Light, summer evening reading, shared for your consideration.


*Images from the August 20, 1867 edition of the Spirit of Jefferson.