Gettysburg’s LIVE Codori Barn Webcam

Posted on June 28, 2013 by


Since I posted a link to the webcam for Fort Sumter, over two years ago, I figured I should post the webcam for Gettysburg.

Here’s the link.

As I mention in the title, this webcam is posted atop the Codori Barn, looking toward the Virginia Monument.

Keep checking over July 1-3, but especially on July 3, around 3 p.m., when there will be a Pickett’s Charge Commemorative march. No, what you will see won’t be reenactors (well, some might actually be, but…), they will mostly be your Sesqui visitors dressed in contemporary clothing. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m guessing, what you will see in this webcam on that day, at that hour, will prove to be the largest single assembly of people on any battlefield for any of the events of the Sesqui. I think that no single event thus far will match up in numbers present… and no event after will see the same. Let’s see if I’m right on that hunch.

I’ll be there, partaking in the event. Although… it’s interesting to note… some folks are debating whether they should partake in the march or wait on the other side to see the grand spectacle.

Will you be there? If not… will you be watching the clock roll over to 3 p.m., in July 3… and watch LIVE on the webcam?

The final days in the countdown are on…