Reading Southern Unionist claims is educational!

Posted on June 5, 2013 by


Sure, we can learn a lot of things from reading through Southern Claims Commission applications, but I had no idea that I’d increase my vocabulary!

That’s right. Here’s an example…


Just about every item listed in this claim should be obvious enough, but… I stumbled when I saw “shoat”. A “shoat” is a piglet which has recently been weaned. And here I am thinking a piglet is a piglet!

Then, there was this…


O.K., there are actually two “stumpers” here… the first being “offal”. Before today, I had never heard that word. What I learned is that it is the “left-overs” from a butchered animal… and I’m not meaning “leave them in your fridge overnight leftovers”. Tell me scrapple… tell me tripe… (I like neither, by the way) but “offal”.

The major “stumper” on this particular page centers on something else. I’m not quite sure what the measurement of flour is, as seen, for example, in… “6 Blbbs Flour”. There is actually more than one instance that “Blbbs” appears on the page. See this for those instances…


So, enlighten me… what is the “Blbbs” thing? I’ve wondered if it was some sort of combination of pounds per barrel or… something along that line.

By the way… “milch” cows also made an appearance in claims I reviewed today, but that was obvious enough. If nothing else, it was pretty cool to see the use of Old English “milch” was still quite alive and well into the 1870s.