With Copperhead coming… when will there be a movie about divided Southern sentiments?

Posted on March 27, 2013 by


I’ve seen several previews for the upcoming movie, Copperhead. While many may be weary of another Ron Maxwell Civil War film, I think the previews are suggesting a step forward/up from Gods & Generals. I would enjoy a chance to see the movie in its entirety, prior to release. That said, however, I can’t help wondering as I watch these clips… and I suspect it would be running through my head the entire time while watching this movie… when will there be a movie centered on Southern Unionism… or… let’s think larger… a movie which reflects the multi-faceted view of the complex decisions confronting Southerners?

There have been movies that have given us sneak-peaks of Southern Unionists, but I’d like to see something greater strike at popular culture… popular memory. Perhaps that requires a movie that captures the range of sentiments found among Southerners, including the sentiments that wavered, waffled, failed, etc.

As you preview the clip below (for those who haven’t already seen it… and even those who have), think about it. How will this movie stand in contrast with popular memory of the war in the general public? I suggest it could potentially raise a new sense of awareness regarding views in the Civil War era North… depending how successful the movie is, of course. At the same time, however, with this movie, how can we not have one that offers one that is contrary to popular memory of sentiments in the Civil War era South? Could these movies actually have great impact on the general understanding than those that portray battles and leaders? I suggest once again… a look at the war from the bottom-up.