Unionism: Stacking the Valley against the rest of Virginia

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The following is the result of tallying raw figures (for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia) from Fold3. I simply added the total number of claims that appear in their approved & barred/disallowed categories for Virginia and West Virginia. Sixty-three Virginia counties and nine West Virginia counties are represented in the approved claims. Meanwhile, all ninety-five of the Commonwealth’s counties and nine of West Virginia’s counties are represented in the barred/disallowed category (only Berkeley, Hampshire, Hardy, Jefferson, Monroe and Pendleton counties appear in both approved and barred/disallowed categories for West Virginia. Grant, Greenbrier, Kanawha, Morgan, and Wood appear in one category or the other, but not both).

I’ll be up-front and say… the actual resulting numbers are flawed, because some claims appear in both categories in Fold3. I’ll be refining these numbers as I work my way through the claims… one by one. Still, the differences won’t be so great as to alter the rankings.

So, based on the data, we get two “Top 15” lists… one for total number of claims approved, and the other for total number of claims barred/disallowed)…

Ranking Approved Barred/Disallowed
1 Fairfax Co.* Loudoun Co.*
2 Rockingham Co.* Rockingham Co.*
3 Loudoun Co.* Fairfax Co.*
4 Fauquier Co.* Fauquier Co.*
5 Alexandria Co.* Augusta Co.*
6 Stafford Co.* Shenandoah Co.*
7 Prince William Alexandria Co.*
8 Culpeper Co.* Frederick Co.*
9 Norfolk Co.* Stafford Co.*
10 Shenandoah Co.* Culpeper Co.*
11 Jefferson Co. Norfolk Co.*
12 Augusta Co.* Washington Co.
13 Frederick Co.* Floyd Co.
14 Nanesmond Co. Henrico Co.
15 Charles City Co. Montgomery Co.

I find a couple of things rather remarkable.

First, take note of the asterick “*”. This indicates that the county appears in the top fifteen for both columns. In that 11 out of 15 counties qualify under this, there appears to be consistency.

I’m not terribly surprised to see that Northern Virginia counties seem to dominate in both categories, but I am pleased to see the Valley counties make an appearance as the runner-up in heaviest number of claims. Of course, as you can see… Rockingham County ranks as the second county in both categories. Other valley counties represented include Augusta, Shenandoah, Frederick, and Jefferson. Just as a FYI, if wondering if this might be a reflection of political leanings… not so much. For starters, Rockingham gave the plurality to Stephen A. Douglas, while Shenandoah and Frederick (along with the bulk of the Valley counties) were for John C. Breckinridge. John Bell support formed a set of “book-ends” in the Valley… with Jefferson and Berkeley in the northern Valley… and Rockbridge at the southern end.

As for the breakdown of claims in the Valley alone, consider these two pie graphs (I need to revise this, just now realizing Rockbridge appears twice, when… at the top, it should be “Rockingham”)


As opposed to displaying the barred/disallowed chart by ranking, I maintained the order and color patterns used in the above chart, for easier comparison (and, another error on my part here… though the stats are represented in the chart, I need to add Rockbridge to the legend)


More charts and graphs to follow in posts at some later point. I’m particularly hoping that I can lay out all the numbers tallied into a map chart.