Cenantua’s Blog reaches five year mark!

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I guess in one of my two posts from yesterday, I should have mentioned this, but…

As of yesterday, Cenantua’s Blog has been running for five years (at least consistently. I don’t count my first entry from November 2007, since the blog didn’t really gain traction until three months later). It’s been an interesting ride, and quite frankly, one that has included evolving thoughts on blogging, as a matter of information distribution, information structuring, and social interaction. At such a benchmark, some folks might ask… “where’s it going from here?” Honestly… I rather like the unpredictability of it, and really don’t like hemming-in my writings. Much like a previous publisher once told me (“no book before it’s time”), I have the same philosophy on blog posts. When a thought strikes me, I’ll write about it.

If there is one thing you can count on, it’s that the Shenandoah Valley will be at the center, and, you can be pretty sure that posts on Southern Unionism will continue. In between, continue expecting the occasional offshoots, in other directions.

Thanks to all those who follow the blog!

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