New blog focused on a Georgia family and Unionism

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It’s rare that this sort of thing pops-up, but when it does, I like to be quick to point it out… enter a new blog with Southern Unionism at the core… John Rogers’ “To Preserve Family and Farm”. The objective of John’s blog is as follows:

To Preserve Family and Farm is the historical account of the encounter between the Army of Major General William T. Sherman and the Wiggins family of Emanuel County, Georgia during the “March to the Sea” which occurred in November 1864 and continued until November of the following year. Originally, this story was handed down for decades in our family. However, in 2002, we discovered an official record of some of these events in Sarah Wiggins’ claim before the Southern Claims Commission which included a shocking statement by Sarah Wiggins that she was a Union loyalist and willingly assisted Sherman’s Army.

As the great-great grandson of John and Sarah Wiggins, the main characters in this story, I have attempted to be as historically accurate as possible and provide as many supporting citations as possible. However, many of the events and circumstances of this story continue to be clouded by 150 years of oral retelling.

I also like the way he’s set-up the blog…

There are currently 15 chapters (located under ”The Story” tab at the left) that I continue to update on a regular basis as more information becomes available. For ease of reading, I recommend you start with the Introduction to Our Story before heading for Chapter 1. Also, new information is posted under “General Posts” under “The Story” tab at the left.

While the thought of 15 chapters might sound like a “static” site, he’s looking at updating these chapters regularly, making it a living/breathing sort of document that isn’t so static after all.

It goes without saying… I’m happy to add another Southern Unionist blog to the blogroll…


Welcome, John!