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Off topic… sorta, but…

In the last week, I’ve scored three major pieces on Ebay; at least “major” to me, personally. All three have to do with my Moore family, specifically rooted in my third great grandfather (the same one I mentioned in the blog post the other day) or his sons. The first piece was a pic of his son’s (Cyrus Clifford Moore) Inn, in Hatboro, Pa.

Moore's Inn, Hatboro, Pa., ca. 1910.

Moore’s Inn, Hatboro, Pa., ca. 1910.

The second was a Victorian era medical advertisement card.


Nice, and attractive, but the connection was on the back…


J.A.C. Hower was also known as Dr. Hower… the son of Jonathan Hower, for whom my second great grandfather (son of Cyrus S. Moore) was named (and, I believe, who raised the children of John Draden Moore (my fourth great grandfather), after his death in January, 1840. J.A.C. Hower attended medical school at the Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore, went South, to Natchez, MS, for about 12 years (and was there during the Civil War), and then came back home… well, close enough… to Martinsburg, West Virginia.

The third item, which I secured just over an hour ago, is a bottle from the C.C. Moore Co. (that same Cliff Moore mentioned above).


I’ve got something interesting to say about some of these items, in detail, in an upcoming post, but for now… how did all three of these items pop-up in the same week, giving me a chance to grab all three? Proper planet alignment, a little “help from beyond the grave”, etc., etc.? I know some people scoff at the thought of such things, but… I don’t. Call it the Appalachia in me, but I’m just not feeling… coincidence. Would have made a pretty good Halloween post, huh? 🙂