What happened to Capt. Henry’s Napoleon?

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I meant to include this as a footnote in yesterday’s post, but… having forgotten to do so…

… and at the risk of sounding like a Fredericksburg Sesqui post from To the Sound of the Guns (… another great Sesqui-timed post, by the way, about the locations of guns on the battlefields)…

Henry’s Napoleon is still near Fredericksburg (closer to Chancellorsville, perhaps, but still near Fredericksburg)… maybe.

Sometime after the Battle of Fredericksburg, the men of the 2nd Stuart Horse Artillery laid the Napoleon to rest. According to George Shreve:

… we buried a “Napoleon” Brass Gun, which we had kept in use through all our service, up to that time, and which did splendid work, on many a field; but it was always considered too heavy for our flying batteries, especially as our horses were not always the best. We received a 3 in. Gun to take its place. We buried it amongst the pines, near the road, and wrapped it in an old quilt as a shroud, which the writer had carried a long time. So we bade farewell to our old “Napoleon” gun, and no man know the situation of the grave.

And there you have… the rest of the story.