What’s the future look like for your blogged labors of love?

Posted on December 4, 2012 by


Ron’s comment in my previous post was enough to send me down another path…

After all your hard work… what’s the future look like for that content you labored so long in putting on the Web? Considering the way in which we, as bloggers, celebrate milestones in blogging (someone hits 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 posts, etc) … frankly, that’s a lot of work. Granted some of those posts might be informational (passing along news about an event or site, for example)… and some bloggers say that they write for themselves… but still, some content… again, back to content… is darn good!

What’s the future of it? Does it matter to the blogger? Will bloggers inevitably be forced to go “retro” (despite having used advanced technology in writing for the Web… and the Web reader) and transfer the blogged content onto paper pages (and, in many ways, diminishing the overall presentation and value therein)? Or… do some bloggers, in general, have faith enough that the content will be preserved on the Web… eternally??? And… keep in mind… as I mentioned, the old Geocities sites were laid to rest years ago. Granted, some content still survives in “way back machines” on the Web, but… even as it lay a moulderin’ on the Web, in Web 1.0 form, most of it isn’t as connected as it was when originally placed on the Web.

So, what’s the promise of blogging sites such as WordPress or Blogger… is it solely up to the blogger to archive material on a disk? What sort of implications does that hold? As a resource that can easily be wiped clean from the Web, I assure you… there are no promises without being formally archived.

On top of that… consider, for example, print publications, published today, that cite Web sources… even blog posts. If those same posts vanish from the Web… what about those footnotes, in published books, that cited posts of the past? At that point, is it really the sole responsibility of individual bloggers to archive?

There’s some interesting stuff to consider…