A larger project in the works

Posted on October 25, 2012 by


Obviously, I’ve not been writing a great deal over the past few weeks. For one, I’ve been struggling with a bout of writer’s block. On top of that I’m battling with content… what I want to put in a blog, and what I want to put in a book. Yup, a book is in the works, and frankly, after over six years, it’s about time. I’ll reveal more info when I have more significant info to pass along. Anyway…

While the writing seems to have been hampered lately, I have continued compiling raw data. Over the past two days for example, I’ve been putting together info on African-Americans (26 men so far) from my home county who served in U.S. Colored Troop units. After all, these men had significant reason to believe in the Union and are most deserving of the title “Southern Unionists”. Some of the data has proven quite interesting. Consider occupations for example… one was even listed as a “slave”, while a few others were listed as “field hand”, “house servant”, laborer, and farmer. As I went through the list, I wondered who was actually in the county at the beginning of the war and who had either been freed, escaped, or been sold deeper south. Some, however, did volunteer additional information when enlisting, revealing that they were married or had family who still lived in Page County… even naming the exact town from which they came in the county.

I think what strikes me most… and I know I’ve said this before… is how, in considering local men in the Civil War, these men have been totally forgotten. I have no doubt that these men, as few as they are, fought for a much higher purpose than those who donned gray uniforms (or, at least those who donned them, meant to do so, and remained on the course on which they embarked at the beginning).

Speaking of the struggle to be free, I have another story that I look forward to passing it along. It’s about a man buried nearby, in Clarke County, and his role in… the American Revolution. I know… off topic, but I do that from time to time. Look for the post in a day or two.