“It is a good time of the day”: Antietam

Posted on September 16, 2012 by


I’ve stopped briefly, after my walk from the Visitor’s Center to the Bloody Lane tower.


Part of me considers the civilians on this day, 150 years ago… their concerns of what might yet come.


Part of me considers relatives in gray, on the next day, near Dunker Church…


Part of me considers relatives in blue, on the following day, near the low spot in Bloody Lane…


And then, as I sit near the point where my wife’s Georgia ancestor stood… looking across the field and seeing waves of blue come onward. Oddly enough, one of those regiments in blue… the 7th West Virginia… was a unit in which served… my Virginia-born (Madison County) cousins.

Amazing how time and distance can come together with such ferocity and such a small tract of land. They didn’t know each other… those boys in gray, and those boys in blue, but 150 years later, over time and through generations, unions of men and woman… they meld into a “collective family memory”, challenging us to think more carefully… considering differences in opinion…

Is there also a whisper in the wind, in such circumstances? Perhaps it insists that we take care and caution in being sharply judgemental… for social vantage points have changed. With two, and even possibly three avenues of sentiments in ancestral background… coming together in a window of a mere four year period…does it… can it… make us more… objective? Perhaps.