Empowering words… more… through the “writing space”

Posted on July 6, 2012 by


I don’t get to write about it much, or perhaps I should say, I don’t take as much time as I would like, to write about it…

… but, what is in the power of an assembled collection of written words?

Obviously, there are masters of this sort of thing, at least, more obviously… in print media. All one has to do is go to a book store, or peruse Amazon. Titles in print (ink on paper… and even virtual ink on virtual paper) are great and many. Some people have the power… the ability… to capture the attention, and sometimes the imagination, of the reader… or perhaps the author just happens to be saying something that appeals to a similar position held by a reader.

Yet, there are limits to this thing… this ink on paper… thing.

I know, I know…

…it’s almost sacrilege to some, to challenge “the traditional”, but there’s something to be said about taking the traditional, and looking at ways to make it more powerful more effectively engineer it (the traditional) to reach a larger (or… maybe not) audience. It’s not that one necessarily “challenges” the traditional… the art of wordsmithing… but rather, IS challenged to find another angle on the manner in which the written word is used to reach others. Can one reach a reader more effectively, and is it necessarily in the assembly of written words… the content… or can it be in the assembly of the written words AND the platform upon which those words are architected?

I think that last part is in need of emphasis… the platform… aka… the writing space.

I see a lot of people using the Web as if their words were assembled in ink on paper. I’m sorry, but there’s no creativity there. The electronic writing space yawns, and might even be near screaming in pain for not being effectively used. One might as well sit in front of a television, fascinated with the television, without realizing the power there, once the television is turned on. Plus, are these same people fooling themselves into believing that the Web reader… reads as if he/she were reading for print? True, some are… there’s no doubt there… but… I think I feel comfortable in saying… most are not. I think I’ve said it before… reading the Web has changed the way many read.

I also see many people using the electronic space as a platform… a soapbox… manipulating words with emotion, yet, also… as with those who use the electronic space like a piece of paper… ignoring the writing space… focusing too hard on the assembly of words, again, as if they were in print, and ignoring… ignoring… ignoring… the writing space. Perhaps it is that some of these people are feeling the power of writing for the first time. I write (in a public platform?), therefore I reach people. With this in mind, perhaps they are still flexing their newfound (whether real or imagined) ability to reach… while still using the traditional (print on paper) mindset of writing to reach.

It’s a brave new writing space… has been for a while. But… how many writers are adjusting their writing, with the new abilities that exist within the writing space? The new writing space requires a new artistry of the assembly of words. Perhaps it demands it, in order for us to move to the next level of writing.

Just sayin’.