More on Samuel Windle… a response from a descendant.

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When I write about someone of the past… someone we can only “know” through what amounts to only a few documented actions/activities… I don’t do so in search of validation of my “read” or “take” on that person. Yet, when I hear from someone, who happens to be a descendant of that person, and the response (based on family stories/anecdotes, and not merely assumptions of the person in modern times) does validate my effort, I feel like I’ve been able to “hit the mark”, so to speak… though, with so much unknown, it pretty much boils down to having been a shot in the dark, with a margin of error that we’re never really able to accurately calculate.

So is the case with Samuel Windle. You may or may not recollect, but I took a look at Windle almost six months ago, in a blog post over at Southern Unionists Chronicles, in “When a Confederate soldier came-a-courtin’ a Southern Unionist’s daughter“.

The descendant provided a few interesting items that go beyond the war, but, in relation to the war, she said…

I recently came across this article on one of your blogs. I am a direct descendant of Samuel Windle’s son Addison and much of the information in the above article I can collaborate from stories my grandmother told me.

I am still working on researching more information on the Windles. For example, I have found little information on Addison’s wife Margaret Dix or additional info on Samuel. I have found more on Samuel’s wife Harriet Pingley then on him so I was thrilled to find your story on him.

… and that’s another thing… the “nod” of thanks (for which I’m always thankful)… that I’ve been able to help another person (however small that help may be in the greater effort) in their personal pursuit of the past and the lives of their people in the past; both being critical elements behind why I blog about the Civil War… and especially why I blog about that particular, and all-too-often-forgotten part, of the past that relates to Southerners in the Civil War… Southern Unionism.

With that in mind… more to follow this weekend, to finish up what I started in the post last weekend… about John William Neer and his Southern Loyalist application…