Despite what you say, your claim as a loyal Union man is disallowed…

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I’ve got a post coming about John W. Neer, a Union man from Harper’s Ferry. While no blood relative of mine, one of his daughters married my third great granduncle, James Draden Moore (1859-1899).

Neer’s story is an interesting one, and I look forward to telling it, but I wanted to break-out one small portion of his Southern Unionist Claim… the man claimed to have been forcefully conscripted (though he didn’t consider himself a conscript, but rather, “pressed”) into the Confederate army, in 1861. I’ve mentioned this sort of thing before… being conscripted into the Confederate army, before there was actually a conscription law in place (the first of three came in the spring of 1862). It’s a challenge for some folks today to buy it, just because of that simple fact… the first conscription law had not yet been passed. In fact, even when those people who lived it tried to explain, the Claims Commission didn’t buy it… no matter how much these same people did for the Union, during the course of the war.

Final remarks by Claims Commission, on the application of John W. Neer.

I can only imagine the frustration, and, in some ways, I can empathize.

More on John W. Neer coming…