“I go in search of brother”

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22nd. I go in search of brother Wm* who had been badly wounded; find him near the battlefield, and take him with other to the Junction. I then go in search of some other wounded, and find a few. Start to F. Royal at midnight with them. I am very wet from being in the rain all day.

John Hite, Co. H, 33rd Virginia Infantry

A few days later, another brother, Isaac Hite, wrote about the wounding. A member of Capt. John D. Aleshire’s company of militia (Co. I, 97th Virginia Militia), he did not see the incident, and had been sick, possibly at home, back in Page County. Two of his sisters, Bettie and Ella, were apparently away from Page County at the time, and he notified them of their brother’s wound.

Home, July 24th 1861

Dear Sisters:

We received late yestarday evening the melancholy news that William was shot through the body & also th[r]ough the leg. Oh! awful to contemplate. The cars brough[t] him to Frontroyal yestarday, but there he got so weak that it was impossible to bring him any farther. Father & Mother left last night about half past ten o,clock for to see him in Frontroyal, and to bring him home if possible alive. As for John we have not heard from and perhaps never will. Merciful God look down with an eye of compassion.

It was father’s an Mother’s request that you should know this our troubles as soon as possible, and to bear it as light as possible. They also though to would be much better for you both to stay there, and try to attend to things until they brought him home. We will le you know as soon as they get back. Father said he would bring him as soon as possible dead or alive.

Your affectionate brother


P.S. one of the Corbins will bear this who perhaps will tell you more about it. be as much as composed as possible. We had a long night last night. Nancy Corbin & Catherine Rothgeb stayed with us.

*William Hite, 1st Lieutenant, Co. H, “Page Grays”, 33rd Virginia Infantry. Enlisted 6/1/61. Died of typhoid fever, 11/17/61.