At the First Manassas/Bull Run Sesquicentennial event, today

Posted on July 21, 2011 by



I was there… got to Manassas early…


The pretty cool looking Virginia 150 Historymobile…


Crowd was relatively light, but then… it was hot, and on a workday. Did I say it was hot?!


Of course, the Stonewall on steroids statue…


A view toward the speakers’ platform from the rear hooves of Stonewall’s mount.

Also had a blast meeting-up with fellow Brothers from the Dept. of the Chesapeake, SUVCW, and a lot of fellow CW bloggers, including Mannie Gentile, John Hoptak, John Cummings, Ron Baumgarten, Scott Patchan, John Hennessy… and was in touch with Crag Swain who took a stroll on the battlefield earlier in the morning. Meanwhile, had a few blogger communiques via FB from some who couldn’t make it today, including Harry Smeltzer, Jimmy Price, Rea Andrew Redd, and Kevin Levin. All,-in-all, we kept the wires HOT with messages… oh, sorry, wrong battle.

Oh, and, did I say it was HOT?!

I’d write a post, but just plum tuckered-out after the heat today. So, in the meantime, enjoy some photos from the day. I’ve got more to say about the day in my next post.