The “meanest” planter… and my first harvest of the year

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The meanest Planter hath stores of Cherries, and they are all over Virginia as plentiful as they are in Kent. The Cherry-Trees grow more large generally than they do in England, and bear more plen[ti]fully without any painstaking of digging about them, or pruning them. – Thomas Glover, 1676.

My first harvest of the season... with more remaining, and ready for the pickin'

While I don’t have the old world English varieties common to Virginia in the 17th, 18th, or even 19th century, I do thoroughly enjoy my single Montmorency tree… no pruning, no spraying, no need to cross pollinate… just harvesting… and, after freezer canning, enough for at least eight pies a year.

"De Montmorency", from Le Verger (The Orchard), Paris (ca. 1865-1874)

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