The Virginian…

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Yes, that’s correct… another Southern-born boy in command of UNION troops at Gettysburg. Newton initially commanded the 3rd Division of the 6th Corps coming into the battle, but commanded the 1st Corps after Meade came onto the scene. Originally, Doubleday replaced Reynolds after he had been killed, but, Meade replaced Doubleday the Virginian Newton (incidentally, Doubleday and Newton had been classmates at the Point).

So, despite what may appear to be a given, all monuments to Virginians at Gettysburg aren’t for Confederates.

Welcome to Gettysburg from a new perspective.

General John Newton

* Thanks to a reader for noting my error in the post, here, as it originally appeared. I jumped the gun and gave Newton an early promotion, if you will, from division to corps command, in the 6th Corps. As corrected, above… he shifted from command of the 3rd Division, to command of the 1st Corps.