Ridin’ a raid…

Posted on May 10, 2011 by


It’s quieted down considerably here since the latter part of April, but rest assured, things will pick up again soon, as we move toward the middle of May (shadowing the increase in activity in “these parts”, in 1861).

Tomorrow, I’m going to divert a bit from the Sesquicentennial line of features, and take those who want to go… virtually, of course… on a ride (and not necessarily a “raid”) into Pennsylvania with me. Ultimately, the end-goal is Gettysburg, but I have a few other sites I’d like to take-in along the way, beginning in Mercersburg. Barring any technical issues, I’ll share some images and thoughts as I make my way.

On that note, I’ll leave you with somewhat of a mystery to ponder…

There were three generals… one born in Alabama, one in North Carolina, and one in Virginia. All were present in the fight at Gettysburg, and played various roles, from the first to the last day. All of these men are honored on the battlefield by markers, but none have a statuary monument. I plan on doing some work in the field tomorrow, giving special attention to these fellows. Any idea who they may be?