Reverse the Circumstances

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I’m not much into alternative history, because there may be an infinite number of forks in the road, but this is entertaining… and a take on things, from April 1861… (it appeared in the April 23, 1861 edition of the Staunton Spectator).

Reverse the Circumstances.

If there were any reason left amongst the people of the North, says the Baltimore Sun, we should think it would assert its power by an argument to the popular feeling there. Only imagine Jefferson Davis elected as a sectional candidate of the South, and an avowed propagandist of slavery, menacing the North with an “irrepressible conflict” and a declared purpose to spread the institution throughout the free States, in open violation of the constitution. Suppose the New England States to have seceded, and the Davis administration to be directing armed boats against them to war against them, and troops from Maryland venturing through the city of New York for that purpose, and the forts of New York harbor pointing their guns upon and threatening the city, and we have at once the converse of the affray in the streets of Baltimore, and the capture of Fort Sumter. A rational man can have no difficulty in realizing facts and feelings, by changing the position and bringing the argument home to himself in a parallel case.