Looking back at the Pratt Street (Baltimore) Riot

Posted on April 20, 2011 by


Since I’m a little past due on the Maryland part of my Southron heritage…

150 years ago, yesterday…

And then, this video from the Catholic Review:

O.k., interesting, but once again, “Southern” continues to be entangled in the whole “they were all secessionists” stereotype. So, who’s with me? All those in favor of clarification… say “aye”. Let’s not only make it a point during the Sesquicentennial to say “no” to Southern = secessionist/states’ righters/Confederates, let’s just make it clear… and call them “secession-leaning Southerners” or, for those who felt more strongly, “pro-secession Southerners”. Really, it’s not that difficult… and it takes nothing away from those Southerners who actually opted in favor of secession.