A seemingly odd two to be paired…

Posted on April 20, 2011 by


After all, two very different causes… but, still… both acted in what amounts to be conspiracy with the intent to commit treason… against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I find it incredibly strange how some seem to forgive and forget (heck, many probably aren’t aware of Henry A. Wise and his actions, at all) when it comes to measuring Wise against the letter of the law, and yet can’t seem to let the letter of the law go with John Brown. Is it that convenient for those who embrace the memory of the Confederacy in relation to Virginia? I mean, if one considers Wise’s actions as significant in Virginia’s decision to secede, and that this leading to Virginia’s ties to the Confederacy is an overall good thing to reflect upon and remember… then how is it that many of those same folks look down upon Brown’s actions at Harper’s Ferry, and it’s significance in the history of abolition and the eventual emancipation of slaves? Seems Brown and Wise were doing the same thing, but working toward very different ends. Which one, really, was good… and which one bad?