About the right time, and, perhaps… at the right place

Posted on April 18, 2011 by


Some people are into this sort of thing, and some aren’t, but for those of us who are… it’s cool to be at a particular place exactly 150 years to the day… and sometimes to within the hour or so… of an event in the Civil War.

So, check your watches… the time is currently just after 5:45 p.m. Here’s what David Hunter Strother saw at approximately the same time, 150 years ago.

The Rendezvous of the Virginians at Halltown, Virginia, 5 p.m., on April 18, 1861, to march on Harpers Ferry, by D.H. Strother.

Now, here’s where I was at, approximately three hours ago…

Modern view of Halltown, West Virginia, April 18, 2011, approximately 2 p.m.

I took a couple of shots, a couple facing west, and then this one, facing east… wish I had taken more from this angle. Note the bend in the track. It appears that Strother sketched facing east. Yet, we know how much things can change in 150 years. First, all the buildings present in his 1861 sketch are gone… or are they? Well, what you don’t see is a house on the hill, just to the left. Take a look at Strother’s sketch… see the house on the hill to the left? Note that the chimney is on the east side of the house… away from Strother. Actually, if I could have captured a wider view, hidden behind the trees, up on the hill to the left, you would also see a house… and the chimney is on the east side, away from me. Granted, Strother’s sketch was not necessarily to scale and exact shapes and designs may not appear as they did then, but take a look at the house on the hill…

What do you think? Was I standing at approximately the same spot where Strother was when he made the sketch?