Shenandoah Valley Delegates Vote on Secession

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This is a record of the votes made by the Shenandoah Valley’s delegates to the Virginia Secession Convention. Keep in mind that these votes were made on April 4 and April 17 respectively. The referendum was not to take place until the latter part of May. An asterisk (*) indicates that the vote of that particular delegate on April 17 was originally against secession, but, for whatever reason, the delegate opted to change the vote to “yes”. As a side feature, I’ve included the approximate age of the delegate at the time of the vote. Of the sixteen delegates with ages known, the average age appears to have been 45.

Name Approx. age Representing 4/4/61 Vote 4/17/61 Vote
Baldwin, John Brown 41 Augusta Co. Yes*
Barbour, Alfred M. 32 Jefferson Co. No Yes
Baylor, George 57 Augusta Co. No Yes
Borst, Peter B. 35 Page Co. Yes Yes
Coffman, Samuel Augustus 37 Rockingham Co. No Yes
Conn, Raphel Morgan 55 Shenandoah Co. Yes Yes
Conrad, Robert Young 56 Frederick Co. No Yes*
Dorman, James Baldwin 36 Rockbridge Co. No Yes
Gray, Algernon Sidney 47 Rockingham Co. No Yes*
Hammond, Allen C. ? Berkeley Co. No Yes*
Lewis, John Francis 43 Rockingham Co. No No
Moore, Samuel McDowell 65 Rockbridge Co. No Yes
Nelson, Hugh Mortimer 50 Clarke Co. No Yes*
Osburn, Logan 49 Jefferson Co. No Yes*
Pendleton, Edmund 45 Berkeley Co. No No
Stuart, Alexander Hugh Holmes 54 Augusta Co. No Yes*
Turner, Robert H. 28 Warren Co. Yes Yes
Williams, Samuel Croudson 49 Shenandoah Co. Yes Yes

Be sure to take a look at the map (courtesy of the Virginia Memory Project, at the Library of Virginia) of the secession vote in Virginia, paying close attention to the difference between the Shenandoah Valley and the rest of the Commonwealth.