What’s this?! More “Realist Southrons?!”

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I got a ping today, and, naturally, before I pressed the “approve” button, I had to check out the blog that pinged me. The ping was to a post about Levi Miller. I know, I know… “Great googly moogly, not more talk about ‘black Confederates’!” But, then, reading what they had to say, if I’m reading them right, I’d say they are thinking outside the box.

Real Southern Men is rather new, but it’s caught my eye enough to keep them on my radar. It’s not strictly about the “wahwar” (although, they decided to “light the fuse” on April 9) either, but that’s ok. I do see that they also made a calculated decision to launch at the beginning of the Sesquicentennial.

I’m especially impressed by the complexity of this statement…

So the war truly began not with a shot, but with a decision. The men present in that room that April day had no way of knowing that their decision would not preserve the ways of the Old South, but slowly begin to demolish it, making way for a New South.

… and the writers at Real Southern Men, as the subtitle states, revel in the new South, while “wrasslin'” with the old.

As I put them into the blogroll, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should form a new column there… either calling it “Alternative Southern/Southron” or “Realist Southern/Southron”. Hmmm… I think, for now, I’ll call it “Realist Southron”… and, in addition to the new Real Southern Men blog, I’ll add to that some old friends… Andy Hall at Dead Confederates and Craig Swain at To the Sound of the Guns. Suggestions for more???

I agree with the authors of Real Southern Men. We’re not ashamed of our Southern roots. No, far from it. We’re just honest (what else would you expect from a genuine Southron?), which, in my mind, also amounts to being honest/realistic, to ourselves as much to others, in our reflections upon the past.

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