Where were the rights of the people under the new Confederacy?

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No right to choose constitutions and laws is to be extended to the people. Their masters, the politicians, in the Southern Confederacy, did not even allow them to vote for President and Vice President. These secession politicians are afraid of the vote of the people. The restraints thrown upon their ambition for office and the power to rule, under the Government of the United States by the popular vote, had been a sore affliction and mortification, which they are determined to avoid in the new confederacy by excluding the people from the privileges of freemen – from choosing from their own officers and institutions.

– The Fincastle Democrat, April, 1861*

*The April 9, 1861 issue of the Staunton Spectator claimed that the piece came from the Fincastle Democrat, but that may have been an error. According to the link used above for the Democrat, that paper ceased publication in 1858.