Maryland is “Southron”, ya’ll… and therefore, Confederate!(???)

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Oh, goodness… what do we have here?

Obviously, the video has a number of issues, but I’m just going to stick to the “Southern = Confederate” issue rearing its ugly head, yet once again.

There is no doubt that Maryland does indeed qualify as a Southern state… and therefore… her residents at the time of the war certainly qualified to be called Southerners. And, yes, “tens of thousands”… well, approximately 25,000 of her citizens, to be more specific… opted to wear gray. In fact, I have a cousin who did just that, and was killed at Culp’s Hill.

On the other hand, this whole mis-history video… nahh, let’s just call it for what it is…  “wannabe Confederate revisionist history”… seems to overlook (conveniently?) some VERY important points.

For starters, I have a hunch that some 60,000 (vs. that 25,000 in gray) Marylanders (and that would include the white and black Union soldiers who came out of Maryland) might have a problem being associated with the Confederacy. Indeed… these fellows fought for what? Come on, now, you can say it… that’s right, the Union. Ah, and yes… since they supported the Union AND were Southern, we can therefore put them under the category known as Southern Unionists.

And as for those who didn’t fight… well, ya know, there were lots of Unionists in Maryland who were still Unionist without wearing a blue uniform… and not just in the urban areas, mind you. Just think of the wonderful reception that the Army of Northern Virginia didn’t have in September 1862, as it marched into some of the finest agricultural lands in Maryland. I’m guessing Robert E. Lee didn’t get the memo, but, do have fun with this piece that appeared in a Hagerstown newspaper in December 1861. (… and, if you didn’t know, Hagerstown is just a skip up the road, don’t ya know, from the Sharpsburg/Antietam battlefield).

And, for good measure… a little reminder from one who has ancestral connections to some of those 60,ooo Marylanders in blue…

Flag of Col. Henry Cole's 1st Potomac Home Brigade, MARYLAND Cavalry. A couple of my "Southron" Maryland kin happened to serve in this unit.

... and the other side of this really sharp looking flag! *Ya'll pay close attention now, but that sure is heck isn't a Confederate shield on that eagle's chest...

For those who still aren’t convinced… be sure to stop by again. I’ve got a lot more interesting stuff to post about Maryland in the months to come.

*Don’t you find it interesting that lots of Confederate imagery in this video clip is from places other than Maryland?

** I discovered this mis-history clip, during random searching on the Web, on the Confederate Digest blog