Reflections and parallels

Posted on April 2, 2011 by


As I sat down to enjoy my morning coffee, I began thinking, again, of what I’ve been thinking about all week. With each anti-secession post, I can’t help but reflect on my third great-grandfather, John Shuler (who, incidentally, was the same age, in 1861, as I am now… just a casual observation… no more) who, 150 years ago, made his rounds in Page County, with at least two others, speaking out against the folly of secession.

So, there I was, this morning, sitting and looking out my bedroom window at the sun cresting the hill just beyond my backyard. I looked out at the grass getting greener and my orchard beginning to bud, and forgot for a little while, about all the other issues that plague us in the daily headlines. It made me also think how similarly (or, really, more intensely) Shuler may have felt, this time, 150 years ago, watching the world (his world) go insane in the midst of the irony of he earth renewing itself.

More about Shuler, later today.

*The word “parallel” is used a bit loosely here, considering, not exact, but, at best, only remote comparability.