Cenantua Name Change

Posted on April 1, 2011 by


Just more of an administrative announcement here.  Concurrent with a buyout of Cenantua’s Blog, we will begin changing the scope and of course the name of this blog.

Craig Swain, who has been itching to post more on his vast collection of Mark Twain, Delta Blues, and River Boat notes, has purchased the “cenantua.wordpress.com” namespace for use as a new “Mississippi River Valley Heritage” Blog.  This blog will thus be renamed “Messipi’s Blog.”  Of course that title reflects the original Algonquin name for the great river.

Robert Moore, who owned this blog up until yesterday, is looking forward to more free time to pursue his life long passion – butterfly collecting.  No doubt we will see him again on the blogosphere with wonderful stories of the great Monarch Butterfly migrations. Particularly historic reports of those magnificent creatures.

We are still working out all the details as to the agreements and fine print.  Robert is holding out for a life-time supply of moon-pies and RC Colas in the last round of negotiations (having already secured the rights to market a line of “Cenantua’s Fruit Pies.”)

Please be patient as we make all the name changes and adjust all the content.  Over the next two weeks we will start purging out all the anti-Confederate stuff and removing the silly remarks about Southern Unionists.  We’ll file this post under “CW Forgetfulness” as we do wish to forget all about this whole deviation from the well documented and irrefutable history as recorded by Edward Pollard.

Thanks for your continued readership.


It seems that Robert is holding out for more moon pies.  I say let the people decide.