A reason why Virginians might fear an alignment with the “Northern Confederacy”

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From the Staunton Vindicator, March 29, 1861:

Mr. Bennett, one of the financial officers of the State [Virginia], has already called for an increase of 20 cents in the one hundred dollars on the present rate of taxation. If the policy of the submissionists is adopted, and Virginia becomes a part of the Northern Confederacy, her negroes will be transported South. This will remove one source of revenue, and then the taxes on lands, &c., will be doubled! Think of it, farmers–“Submission,” or what is called “Union,” will drive four hundred millions of taxable property out of the State, and force your farms and stock to bear the increase of taxes consequent thereupon. Do not be deceived, people of Virginia! We must go with the South as against the North, and the sooner we take our position the better.

In other words… well, think of it… even if you didn’t have slaves, as a property-holding (land, livestock, etc.) Virginian, the thought of an exodus of slaves would be reason for concern… a threat of higher taxes.

The politics of fear at work? Either go with the lower South by supporting Virginia secession or… face higher taxes…

*The 20 cent increase would be applied to what was already a tax of 40 cents on one hundred dollars.

**As used here, “submissionists” eludes to those who continued to refuse to support the thought of Virginia secession.