In search of… the grave of a slaveholder, killed by his slaves

Posted on March 12, 2011 by


Part of an engraving depicting Nat Turner's Rebellion

Just a quick note this morning, before I head out. Among the things I have on the calendar for today is a visit to a cemetery. This isn’t just an ordinary cemetery, but one in which rests a slaveholder who was killed (February 14, 1842) by two of his slaves (“Captain” and “Martin”). I visited the site (and the grave… though not there on a mission to see his grave) several years ago. It requires a bit of a walk from paved road, but the day seems right for it, and I’ve been wanting to do this since last Fall.

Not too terribly long after the visit, I learned that I had missed something… something that time (specifically, what time had done to the earth around the headstone) had literally swallowed-up. If all goes well, and if what I later learned proves true, I’ll have some interesting photos to share later this afternoon.

Whether what I learned holds true or not, I’ll be telling a bit more about this story in a post, hopefully, before tomorrow, as well as some of the folklore and embellished stories that have developed around the memory of the incident… both in my home county, and on the Web.

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