Yes, Alabama, there is, in fact, at least one memorial to Southern Unionists, in your state

Posted on March 10, 2011 by


A few weeks ago, I began digging through my files, in search of one photo. Back in 2004, I found a memorial plaque to the 1st Alabama Cavalry (US) at the Marion County Courthouse, in Alabama (on the outer walls, leading into the entrance). Regretfully, the photo was taken in my days prior to going digital, so I can’t transcribe the text. Still, I thought I’d share the image that I do have…

Meanwhile, on the opposite wall, is this memorial plaque to a reunion of Confederate veterans in Marion County, in 1904…

The plaques don’t date to the era of the veterans, blue or gray, and were not placed until 1976 and 1977, respectively. Interestingly, I found no other monuments or memorials that predated these two plaques. Did it take that long before an agreement could be reached that both sides merited plaques?