Where has the time gone? Three years of blogging!

Posted on February 19, 2011 by


Brooks made some very kind comments about this blog today, in a post at Crossroads, and I greatly appreciate him taking the time to say what he did (thanks again, Brooks!). So, after commenting over there, on his post, I realized… holy cow! This blog is three years old! In fact, I missed the anniversary… the three year mark rolled over on February 17th!

I don’t normally take time to mark anniversaries here, but, making it this long is pretty cool stuff.

Actually, I had started the blog in November 2007, but didn’t really kick it into gear until February 17, 2008… in the midst of a course on Hypertext Theory. I had no idea just where the blog would go, or how I would keep the blog running, but, here we are… three years later. Huzzah!

While I greatly enjoy the opportunity to write in this format, and reach out with my thoughts, it’s really amazing to think about all of the friendships I’ve made along the way, with other bloggers, AND a number of those who make comments or “Like” posts in FaceBook. So, to all of you who have shared the journey so farhere’s to you and your efforts in keeping Cenantua’s Blog a relevant part of the Civil War blogosphere! Thanks, and CHEERS!

Hope you all continue to follow as we move along to more anniversaries, especially over the course of the next four years…