“That a Nation Might Live”, from Longwood University

Posted on February 15, 2011 by


Just got this a couple of hours ago from Longwood University and wanted to share asap:

“That a Nation Might Live” is an online weekly podcast series (also available on iTunes) launched recently that traces the events of 150 years ago, reporting the week’s key developments in the run up to and during the war. The site was created by Dr. Chuck Ross and Dr. David Coles at Longwood University in Virginia, and will continue to be populated throughout the Sesquicentennial commemoration until 2015 as a joint effort between the faculty and students of the college. Comments and discussion are welcome, and overall it’s an informative and engaging site for both Civil War enthusiasts and the general public alike.

You can check out the site, here.

See also, here, for more information about the series.

Looking forward to seeing more!