What “best Civil War blogs” list… is the best?

Posted on January 23, 2011 by


I think we all like getting a nod from somebody. Bloggers take time… sometimes a great deal of time… developing blog posts. Of course, it makes us feel good to know that someone appreciates what we’re doing. It’s satisfying to write and to express ourselves, but I think, most of us seek something more… hence the comment blocks. We seek interaction, hoping, of course, that the comments lead to civil and rewarding exchanges/discussions. Personally, I’d love to interact with more blogs, but time being what it is… there seems to be less of it (time) these days than in the first year or since I entered the Civil War Blogosphere.

So, it’s no surprise that seeing a new best list for Civil War blogs, such as =>this new list [note: As of July 2013, onlinecourses link no longer active], sends hearts a’flutter in the blogosphere, in the hope that certain blogs make the new list.

But, really, what best Civil War blogs list is the best? Here’s my take on it…

Look first at who (or what) is doing the ranking. What’s their motivation for creating a list? Is it a matter of “Hey, these are just my favs!” or “the following blogs are just really good”? OR, is it a matter of “these guys get a lot of visitors, and to hook-up to that, I’m going to create a “best list”, with a badge that’s going to work as a reciprocal nod”?

I’ll tell you… the best best lists are those that expect little to nothing in return, and are simple nods among fellow bloggers. In some cases, all you have to do is look at the blogroll of a blog to see nods between bloggers. Those are my favorite lists. Those are the lists that matter, first.

Yet, if you must have a best list, which one is the best? O.k., well then, apart from the blogrolls, I particularly like the following best lists.

On the top is…=> Civil War Trust’s blog list.

Why? Because being on that list feeds the thing we love… the Civil War Trust helps to preserve the lands on which the war’s battles were waged… a critical piece of the overall story. Honestly, there isn’t another best list that can top this one… so far. I’d just like to see it updated from time to time, feature different blogs in their “featured” list, and maybe add something that can be found in my next favorite list, which happens to be…

Blog.com’s guest Top 10 Civil War Blogs list, created by Kevin Levin. I like it because Kevin took time to give descriptive info about the ten blogs that he selected, and it has a great RSS feed, showing the three most recent posts… very cool! The only thing more that I’d like to see is an expanded list… maybe 20-30 best Civil War blogs.. but then, that doesn’t comply to being “Top 10”.

But, really, who has the best Civil War blogs out there?

Frankly, what it all comes down to is a matter of personal taste. Some like my blog, some hate it, and some are, at best, “eh-eh” on it. Some read it some of the time… some find it interesting some of the time, and not so much at other times. In turn, I have a range of thoughts regarding other blogs as well. That’s all fine.  What’s my cup of tea may not be yours, and what’s yours may not be mine.

It’s not a competition, really.

I think, first and foremost, blogs facilitate expression… a need to express… something about something… and usually, a hope that somebody is listening, and perhaps wishes to interact.

So, that’s my take on the best of the best lists. If you have a best list of your own, you don’t need to publish it on the Web. What matters first is that you read, and interact as you feel comfortable, with what you see as the best blogs.

Keep the history of the Civil War rolling… keep thinking about it… keep writing about it… keep interacting with others who keep it active. There’s no better time than now, in the midst of the Sesquicentennial.