Proud to be a Southerner!

Posted on January 2, 2011 by


Sure, I love the South, for ALL of its history and heritage… it’s my history… it’s my heritage.

But, to be proud of Southern heritage in connection with the war years between 1861-1865, what does that mean, exactly?

Let’s keep it simple today…

It means an ability to remain conscious of the fact that to be “Southern”, of “Southern ancestry”, or proclaiming “Southern heritage” is not simple, but complex.

It means a need to remain conscious of the fact that Southern does not alone equal “Confederate”, but is inclusive of… the story of the Confederate soldier… the Confederate-supporting civilian… the slave… the free black… the Southern Unionist… the Southerner in Union blue… and the leave-aloners… of varied races… of varied religious views… of various political views… diverse in views pertaining to what it meant to be a citizen of the United States both before and after secession was realized, and etc., etc., etc.

If you only accept a limited few in the above list as equating to what it means to be a Southerner… well, your opinion doesn’t matter, because…

ONLY the combination of all of these people make-up THE story of Southerners in that war… not a minority or majority of those who were Southern.

Therefore, entertaining the notion that anything and everything contrary to the ideology of the Lost Cause equates to “South-bashing”… well, that’s just silly… and, in reality, only “in defense” of part of the story of Southerners at war.

As you proclaim pride in the South… are you being selective or all-inclusive?