The Haunted Rocking Chair of Pine Grove

Posted on October 17, 2010 by


Ok, ok… what the heck… one more post before bedtime… and in the theme of the month. Something short tonight… and if you recall, in the post a while back, that UVA student who sent the letter to Jacob R. Seekford mentioned something about a haunted rocking chair. The place of this happening was at the home of John Gray, at Pine Grove, not far from the town of Stanley, in Page County. In response to the UVA student’s query, Seekford responded…

Yes, I remember the rocking chair up in Pine Grove Hollow at the home of John Gray, who was a fine truthful man. I remember when people out at Alma went out to Mr. Gray’s home to see the chair rock when no one was near it. The room could be full of people and about nine o’clock at night, the chair would begin rocking and would rock for about fifteen minutes then stop and rock no more until the next night. That was a chair that caused a great deal of excitement in all parts of Page county on account of Mr. Gray’s prominence. After so many years the chair would not rock any more.

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