Remains of homes long gone

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While grief likely defined their last few months here, there are other emotions that come to mind regarding the stories of my Moore ancestors at Four Locks. Other children came to Cyrus and Catherine while here. In fact, my great-great grandfather, John Howard Moore (named, I believe, for a family friend, Jonathan Hower, who happened to be married to my gg grandfather’s aunt, Elizabeth) was born in another house somewhere in this village. I will likely never know where, but wonder, when coming across foundations such as this one, if it might have been the place.

In terms of the Civil War, the birth also brings to mind questions of how, or if, events nearby raised fears in my ggg grandparents. How, for example, did the nearby battle of Antietam concern my ancestors, and how did it impact my ggg grandmother who happened to be pregnant at the time. Did events have a bearing on the birth of my gg grandfather, 12 days later? Again, one of those things I’ll likely never have answers for.

There is nothing wrong with imagining and considering possibilities in relation to ancestors, such as what I have done here. Yet, while doing so, I think there is a need to keep ourselves in check, and not allow imagination and wondering become absolutes in defining who “our people” were. More times than we would prefer, they remain nothing more than “possibilities”, and, while still being part of a need we may have to fulfill in ourselves, we should tell these as part of our family stories, but remind the listeners that they are… possibilities and not necessarily fact.

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