Walking in the shadow of Cyrus – 2:19 p.m., 9/25/2010

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Lockhouse 49, on the C&O Canal, Four Locks, near Clear Spring, Maryland

This is the first part of a different sort of post… carried over the course of the next 16 hours or so. Call it an experiment, if you like… on a couple of levels actually. I’m checking-out the potential uses for live, roaming blogging, and, it so happens that I’m staying tonight in one of my ggg grandparents’ former residences. So, I’m going to use this as my experimental platform. Oh, and this is a rather eerie type of adventure tonight. Several months back, I mentioned that I was thrilled about hearing that the lockhouse at Four Locks had been opened and that it was likely a residence of my ancestors back in 1858… Very cool, but eerie…

So, as I make my way “backwards”, in my family tree AND down the Valley toward Clear Spring, Four Locks, and the C&O Canal, I figured I’d make the first leg of my blog posts for today. The rests will follow through tonight, while I’m at the house.

Oh, and by the way, I’m not at all into the ghosts junk that they show on tv, but I am a child of Appalachian folklore… which, of course, includes old time family ghost stories… which I find much more… entertaining… and, hey, it is almost October 🙂

Cyrus S. Moore (1829-1904), my ggg grandfather, who, along with his wife, Catharine, likely resided at the lockhouse at Four Locks in 1858. It was known as being the temporary residence for many of the lead locktenders, and he served as such in 1858.

For those who want to “follow” online, I welcome the “company” and hope you enjoy whatever I may come-up with in the way of stories and pictures along the way. As I make my way to Cyrus’ and Catherine’s residence from 1858, I consider myself “walking” in the shadow of Cyrus… hence the title.

In the end, sometime in the next few days, I will need to make some hyperlinks as I can’t quite figure out how to do so with my Droid, from which the following posts over the next several hours will be made.

For those who want to make the journey with me, I hope you will enjoy.